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Earn Huge Income. Become a Freelance Researcher by Selling your Academic Contents, Resources & Materials


Unlimited Project Upload

You have the privilege to upload as many (Projects / Academic Contents / Materials) as possible. The more you upload, the more the sales

Dictate your Price

You have the right to dictate the price for each of the project material. An affordable price attract higher sales

Customized Dashboard to monitor your Sales/Earnings

With your customized dashboard, you have 100% access to your Sales/Earnings. The dashboard also allow you to monitor your customer’s payment status.

Earn Huge Income

Reward your hard work with up to 60% payment on every sales. All earnings are paid into your personal account provided. No extra charges or hidden fees.

Receive instant Email notifications on every order

You don’t need to miss any sale(s) with instant notification of every transaction via your account. All order status are sent to you via Email/SMS for quick action.

Monthly Payout

We monitor your accrued earnings and payout every month-end.


Create your Vendor Account

Create Username, Email and Store Name alongside Personal Bank account details to Register

Check your Email

After submitting your details, you will receive a Vendor Registration email to set your password and gain access to your account

Receive Account Approval Email

Your application will be reviewed within minutes after registration for full access into your account. You will receive an email of approval as soon as the review is completed.

Start Uploading Projects

You can start uploading as many Projects as possible. You are required to upload Chapter 1 of each project for display to prospective customers.

Share your Vendor Page

Feel free to share your vendor page with your target audience. Eg. https://myproject.com.ng/vendor/david-project-store/ Your can choose a suitable store vendor name while registering.

Monitoring Sales

Start receiving massive sales on your Project(s). With unlimited and unending sales, you can start smiling to be bank.

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