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This study, BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS AMONGST PRIMARY SCHOOL PUPILS IN UKWANI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF DELTA STATE contains concise information that will serve as a framework or guide for your project work. The project study is well-researched for academic purposes and are usually provided in complete chapters with adequate References.

Keywords: behavioral problem among primary school pupils




Background of the Study

A nation’s most important and precious resources is their children who constitute its hope for continued achievement and productivity. Today we are passing through a stage where the mental health of youngsters in Nigeria is a mother of much concern for the educationist in Nigeria equals the highest rate elsewhere in the world. Early prevention and intervention is better than the remediation. Therefore, research has shown that the emergence of early onset conduct problems in young children is related to a variety of health and behaviour problems such as peer rejection, drug abuse depression, juvenile delinquency arm robbery and school dropout in later years.

According to the Child Study Centre New York University (2002), explains clearly that after the family, the school environment is the most important influence in a child’s life in promoting social, emotional and academic development. As children start and progress through school, they are continually called upon to adapt to a new expectations, and therefore a certain amount of anxiety is to be expected. However, when a particular behaviour results in undue stress for the child and elicits negative reaction from others, the behaviour represents a distress signal. When this occurs, a thorough analysis of what the problem behaviour-actually means to the individual child can lead to interventions that can change the behaviour and result in a more productive adaptation for the child. Through the process of Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) teacher and other school personnel come to understand the meaning of the problem behaviour, the situations that trippers or sustain it, and can plan interventions to make changes.

Thus, many children display in appropriate or problems behaviour in the classroom which can make it difficult for them to learn, cause harm to the child or others and isolate the child from his or her peers. We often speak of problem behaviours as “noncompliant” (e.g. when a child refuses to join a class activit0, “disrespectful” (e.g., when a child uses bad languages) “aggressive” (e.g. when a child throws book).

Early childhood is the critical–period in behaviour formation in this age of momentous change and stiffer competition most of the parents real on pre-schools of different categories for child-care the inevitable economic participation of women and the nuclear family system all have necessitated this dependence on pre-schools, thus pre-school experience have an effective role in moulding the behavioural pattern of children. In effective and insufficient methods very often reinforce behaviour problems. It is in this instance that such a study amongst primary school pupils in Ukwani Local Government Area of Delta State was undertaken. This is to help identify the various types of behavioural problems that exist amongst these children and also the causes and as well as the ways of correcting behavioural problem on and effects, etc.

Statement of the Problems

In recent times, behavioural problems amongst pupils in primary schools has passed a lot of threat to our society and National Development as a whole. The problems of school dropout, poor academic performance, youth restiveness and other societal problems are said to emanate as a result of pupils bad behaviour and thus drastic measures needed to be put in place to reduce it to a minimum of not totally eradicated.

Therefore, the causes of behavioural problems the types of behavioural problems, the effects on the school and society and also the possible ways of correcting these observed behavioural problems amongst primary school pupils in Ukwani Local Government Area of Delta State, is what the research work is ought to look into in order to profound drastic solutions to the rising problems.

Research Questions

  1. Does biological, family and school cause factors responsible for behavioural problem among primary school pupils in Ukwani Local Government Area of Delta State?
  2. Does poor academic performance and societal problems such as peer neglection, drug abuse, depression, school dropout in later years and juvenile delinquency are effect of behavioural problems?
  3. Does the following classes of (aggressive, physically, socially, self-disruptive, authority challenging behaviour are types of behaviour problems exhibited by pupils in schools?
  4. Do you think reconnection techniques through school counselling, purnative intervention, medical therapy are possible ways of finding solution to pupil behavioural problems in school and at home?
  5. Does the use of positive response strategies reasonable expectations had and constant rules, avoid power struggles, use punishment sparingly, monitor your child and de-stress are ways we could find solution to pupils behavioural problems in primary schools levels or at home

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study to carry out adequate analysis on the various types of behavioural problems that exist in the primary school education in Ukwani Local Government Area of Delta State, and also to find out the cause of these behavioural problems amongst the kids and its effect to both the school and the society at large.

Finally the purpose is to also find preventive and appropriate solutions that may be useful in trying to reduce and eradicate these behavioural problems amongst these kinds in both society-and educational certain.

Significance of the Study

The importance of this study is to make sure that at the end of the research work, all the identified behavioural problems amongst primary school pupils in Ukwani Local Government Area of Delta State are ascertained as existing problems in these schools, and also to identify its causes and effect on the school educational system at large it is also important as it will provide adequate solutions to check mate and reduce the existence of these identified behavioural problems amongst these pupils and as well make sound recommendations of the researcher that will improves the cause and effect on the educational system and society also to improve the teachers and parents techniques and methodology needed to improve best behavioural practice amongst the student generally.

Scope of the Study

The research work covers all the primary schools, situated in Ukwani Local Government Area of Delta State.

Definition of Terms

This aspect of the research work will help to give a precise definition on some certain term used in the course of the research work. These terms used includes the following:

Behaviour: This is the range of actions and mannerisms made by individuals organisms around as well as the in animals physical environment. It is the response of the system or organism to various stimuli or inputs whether internal or external, conscious or subconscious, overt or covert and voluntary or involuntary.

Behavioural Problems: This is a symptomatic expression or interpersonal maladjustment especially in children (as by nail-biting, ensure negative or by overt hostile or antisocial acts).

Primary School: This is a school in which children receive primarily or elementary education between the age of about five eleven, coming before secondary school and after school.

Primary School Pupils: Pupil is a learner someone who attends an educational in situation in some nations the English term (or its cognate in another language) is reserved for those who attend university. While a school child under the age of eighteen is called a pupil in English.

Problem situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needed to be dealt with and overcome.

Pupils: This is defined as a person usually young who is learning under the close supervision of a teacher at school.

Keywords: behavioral problem among primary school pupils

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