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This study, CAUSES AND TREATMENT OF AGGRESSION AMONG ADOLESCENT STUDENTS IN UKWUANI LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF DELTA STATE contains concise information that will serve as a framework or guide for your project work. The project study is well-researched for academic purposes and are usually provided in complete chapters with adequate References.

Keywords: causes of aggression among student, aggression among adolescent student



1.0  Introduction

1.1  Background of the Study

Aggression is defined by the advanced learners dictionary of current English as violent or hostile feelings or behaviour.

Aggression according to Ferrant (1975) defined aggression as a primary instinct generally associated with emotional state or that carry out action in a forceful way.

Aggression is synonymous with instructions invasion trespass for examples, attack may be word but an aggression is always a deed.

Aggression is a type of behaviour that is regarded as injurious or destructive. Aggressive behaviour is a action that are intended to cause injury or anxiety to others or the community at large. These include destroying, attacking, fighting others verbally and resisting request.

There are various types of aggressive behaviours, one of which is the tendency to be ambitious (that is to show a desire to do something good but difficult) which is also called instrumented aggression.

The educational development of any child depend on his natural intelligence at the state of adolescence, he tends to do well in mental and social development but as time goes on, the adolescence aggressiveness sets in and the academic and social development begging to suffer as a result of the adolescent who is aggressive tends to deteriorate (become worse in his or her academic work, moral behaviour and social development).

Aggression is a violent behaviour that intends to harm or injure other person. It is the expression on age’s hostility and quarrelsomeness.

This project would therefore attempt a thorough investigation of the causes and treatments of aggression in adolescents.

Attention will be paid to some secondary school students of adolescence age in Ukwuani Local Government area of Delta State.

It will also tell us about children who appear to be unhappy and disgruntled (disappointed) and those who disobey both their teachers and parents else listening to what their parents and teachers say to them rather they derive pleasure in disturbing their teachers in the classroom, causing trouble in schools and creating problems in their homes.

Causes of Aggressions

Some of this can be seen as the causes of aggression:

  1. Poor parental background
  2. Poor academic performance
  3. Broken homes
  4. Illness

Poor Parental Background

It can be seen as one of the factors that cause aggression among the adolescent students in the sense that, when the parents of that child fails to provide the needs of the child he/she can become aggressive.

Poor Academic Performance    

When the child academic performance is very poor, he becomes very aggressive.

Broken Homes

This also causes aggression in the adolescent child in the sense that there is no proper parental upbringing of the child by both parents.


Illness can cause aggression iin the sense that when a particular illness keeps occurring over times, it makes the child becomes very aggressive.

The Symptoms of Aggression

Alzeimer’s disease: these are the types if diseases that makes the individual to have lost of memory at early stage in life as a result of aggression and some times it follows them to old age.

Another symptoms is forgetfulness, due to their level of aggression, this individual may sometimes result to short memory. Leading them to live a life of unfulfilled goals.

The Effect of Aggression

One of the effect of aggression is that it make the person or individual not to participate actively in social activities, and it also drive people away from that person.

Another effect of aggression is that it delays the individual or aggressive person from reaching his/her higher goals, the individual can not cope with difficulties and they hardly have long lasting relationship.

How to Treat Aggression

  1. Psych-dynamic theorist: which says that those with an aggressive behaviour can be realised in a socially acceptable manner through the defence mechanism of sublimation.
  2. Competitive sport: are also one socially acceptable outlets for such people.
  3. Those that are highly aggressive should be treated in a warmly way.
  4. Anatol Pikas (1976) noted that aggressive behaviour can be treated through mobbing.

1.2  Statement of the Problem

The statements are as follows:

  1. What are the causes of aggression?
  2. Does students differentiate in their perception of the causes of aggression?
  3. How does the female perceive aggression?
  4. What students perceive is it caused by aggression?

1.3  Research Questions

The following research questions were raised in the study, that so many adolescents are so aggressive and they carry out in a way that the researcher intend to ask some questions why it is carry out in such an aggressive and unfriendly way or manner

  1. What are the causes of aggression among adolescent students?
  2. What measures should one considers to solve the problems of aggression in adolescent students?
  3. Is the aggressive behaviour common among adolescent in Ukwani Local Government area of Delta State.
  4. What measures of control can be taken to curb the aggressive behaviour of adolescents in Ukwani Local Government area of Delta State.

1.4  Research Hypotheses

The following research hypothesis were raised in the study:

  1. There is no significant differences between the causes of aggression among adolescent students.
  2. There is no significant differences between the measures taken to curb the aggressive behaviour of adolescents in Ukwani Local Government area of Delta State.

1.5  Purpose of the Study

The study seeks to bring to our understanding more about the differences of aggression among the adolescent students and the kind of measures to be taken and taking the right decision at the right time.

  1. To know the difference between the causes of aggression among adolescent students
  2. To know the measures that one should consider to solve the problem of aggression among adolescent students.
  3. To know ways parents and teachers can foster the attention in adolescents
  4. To know the aggressive behaviour that is common among adolescents in Ukwani Local Government area of Delta State.
  5. To understand and take measure that will help to reduce aggression in adolescent students.

1.6  Significance of the Study

This study is aim at contributing to the information on the causes of aggression and treatment among adolescents in secondary schools.

The significant of this study is also to let us know every body that will benefit from it, like the teachers, parents, guidance counsellors, medical doctors, practitioners, psychologists, engineers, sailors, etc and also the community at large and even the society.

The Teachers: the teachers will benefit in the sense that it is not all teachers that have the knowledge on how to deal or control the aggressive adolescent students.

Parents: some parents or most parents believe that the only way to address the adolescent students is to be harsh on them or beat the with cane or driving them out of the house.

Guidance Counsellors: some guidance counsellors do not know how to handle the aggressive adolescent students, there are some guidance counsellors that if such students walk into their office when they are not in good mood, instead of putting the students and telling the students to come back later they will be harsh on the students by telling him/her that that you should go I don’t have time now, that will make the student have a bad picture about the guidance counsellor.

Medical Doctors: if as a medical doctor you have an aggressive adolescent students as your patient, this study will make you understand them more and how to deal with them when you have them around.

Practitioners: so many practitioners don’t have ideal about this aggressive adolescent students, so many practitioners will want to qualify them so quickly by seeing them as deviance and unreliable character to the society.

Psychologist: this study will give them more insight about the aggressive adolescent students and to help them to foster unity among them and their peer group.

Engineers: this set of people will benefit. E.g. if a parents send his/her child to bring an electronic or engine to work, when the aggressive adolescent students try to carry out his//her characters you will know how to deal with the situation.

Sailors: they will benefit by making them understand that the aggressive adolescent students are like that but there are ways of addressing them e.g. if the students are going out for excursion and the child tries to behave or be stubborn this study will teach the sailor how to calm him/her down.

Communities and Society at Large: so many society and communities sees the aggressive adolescent students as way ward children who do not have respect or regard for their elders, parents and peer groups, the study will teach them how to follow, treat them kindly and also know the causes of their aggression.

1.7  Scope and Delimitation of the Study

This study was restricted to four selected schools in Ukwani Local Government area of Delta State.

Although, there are many secondary schools in the area, only few was randomly selected for the purpose of this study to find among adolescent students.

1.8  Limitation of the Study

Mostly, parents were not co-operative they did not want to give a true picture of theri children’s aggressive behaviour as a result only scanty information could be gathered from parents.

Moreover, there was the problem of time and transport in Ukwani Local Government area of Delta State. To cover all the villages and towns in rural areas.

Language barrier was also not really a problem during the investigation. It was also possible for the ample to cover all the schools.

1.9  Operational Definition of Terms

The following terms have been defined accordingly:

Adolescents: the transitory period, the individual inevitably passes through his growth from childhood to adulthood.

Authenticity: power or right to give order in a school.

Keywords: causes of aggression among student, aggression among adolescent student

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